Mac OS X Theme 1.3

Theme for Firefox based on the original Mac OS theme

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    Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows 98

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    6.2 (313)

Complete with everything to outfit your Windows computer with Apple related visuals, the Mac OSX Theme is a visual and interactive theme that transforms your desktop into one that looks exactly like a Mac. From the task bar at the top of the screen to the brushed chrome window frame background images, this theme is a fully functional replication of the Mac world. Because it is based in WindowBlinds, a Windows customization tool, you need to install that before the Mac theme can take effect. Luckily, both programs are free and easy to get started.

Once downloaded, the initial theme is far from the only choice after you start delving into all of the tweaks you can make. Including numerous Platinum, the Mac OSX Tiger, and Sabertooth, this theme has everything you need to customize your desktop to look like any type of Mac on market. Along with color schemes, wallpapers, text font, and transparency, the feel of the theme rests solely in your creative abilities. If you really want to be up to standard, feel free to also change out what side you want your button bar to be on.

Being a theme, the Mac OSX is not an operating system, and it will not affect your Windows capabilities in any way. Because of this, there are also areas that are not exact copies. The start menu, for instance, is still a clearly identifiable start menu. Windows still needs to operate as Windows, after all.

Though hard to completely destroy any trace of Windows, the Mac OSX Theme does its best to create a fully operable Mac OSX Theme. Do not expect to have the official Mac wallpapers or a dock-style task bar as your machine operating system is still Windows, but do expect to be pleasantly surprised with just how much is altered to create a dramatically redefined theme for your computer. With effects akin to the actual Max OSX and incredible customization, Mac OSX Theme is the best choice for those that want a Mac without wanting to buy a Mac.


  • Free
  • Highly customizable


  • Need WindowsBlinds
  • No Mac wallpapers
  • No dock

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